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Rare and unusual sounds


Most of the sounds presented on this website (recorded among short-finned pilot whales southwest of Tenerife, Canary Islands) which are apparantly produced by the whale's inner nasal passages such as clicks (, whistles (, calls ( or grunts ( have been recorded during all field seasons and ocurred regularly. These sounds -recorded during own research ( has been reported and confirmed by other researchers in other geographic areas. In this section very rare and uncategorized sounds are and will be posted in order to enable researchers in other areas to compare these with their findings.

Complex whistles


Click to hear several complex whistles (.mp3 file with 1.9 MB)

The sound sequence contains -next to calls- several complex whistles. This sequence is extracted from an underwater video recorded during an encounter with a single excited pilot whale.



Click to hear several grunt-like vocalizations (.mp3 file with 1.1 MB)

The sound sequence contains -next to calls- several grunt-like vocalizations. This sequence is a compression of a longer track and grunts are composed of clicks produced in repetition with short inter-click intervals. The spectrogram shows 3 grunts.



Click to hear several 'gaggles' (.mp3 file with 1.0 MB)

The sound sequence contains -next to calls and clicks- several 'gaggles' in row, the spectrogram shows 5 vocalizations of this type. The whole sequence was recorded during a single day, but 'gaggles' were also recorded 3 days later in the same field season. As shown by the spectrogram, these sounds are short in duration (less than 0,03 seconds) with several sidebands mostly below 5 kHz.